Legacy Storage

The largest private storage facility in Central America

About Company

The Legacy concept was created to guarantee personal privacy within the protective structure of our Class 3 facility; a place to be regarded as your property and to protect your important and cherished assets. Unlike any other vaulting company worldwide, our clients actually become owner / shareholders of the facility under a group known as the Vault Owner Association Members (VOA). Under this structure each client has 100% ownership and control of their own Private Affects® Box (PAB) at all times.

The Legacy Vaulting Facility was designed to offer a first in the industry. Not only does this ultra-modern facility give you important ownership rights of the facility, it also caters for specialized storage including 3 sizes of safety deposit boxes, access to ultra secure Category 5 (the highest security category) data vaults and a further specialized area for high-value items that require temperature and humidity control.

The Legacy’s management experience with other vaulting and storage operations has allowed it to create a new norm in asset protection; after all, we built it for our own asset storage first.

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Why Legacy

Legacy was built to service generations, with particular focus on offering the utmost in privacy, security, protection and ownership. We designed a facility that has minimum exposure to 3rd Party Risk that allows all our VOA members are 100% independent. Our corporate by-laws ensure the facility and property are never exposed to any debts or liability exposures for our shareholders.

Due to the high value we put on privacy, we encourage you to make an appointment to see the facility for yourselves and hear firsthand the many other benefits of being a VOA member. Remember, it’s your property – not rented or leased – and only you can give the key for access; and it remains in you and your family’s possessions in perpetuity.

Provides unparalleled protection for our members