Why Legacy?

Legacy storage truly is the difference. We are not a safe deposit box facility, we are a facility designed To secure & protect without question your treasured items to be there today, tomorrow or 100 years. Legacy is not a leased facility, our storage boxes are defined as “ mini condo/vault homes and what we call Personal Affect Boxes (PAB’s)”. You purchase and own your own condo box and become a member of our VOA ( Vault Owners Association) Our facility is built debt free with zero counter party risk. The developer’s and management team of Legacy are prohibited from ever causing any debt, mortgage or loan against the facility, so Legacy will operate generational without any debt or the worry of where your box and its contents will be at some future date. It’s a secure feeling to know Legacy is your home for your most important contents of your life for you, your family and loved ones to know is the “go to” place for life’s most private and treasured items.

To the best of our knowledge our Legacy facility is the first known property in the world and service to operate in similar fashion to a home owners association. We are defined slightly different as a Vault Owners Association (VOA) as each member is a shareholder and owner of said corporation. We have governing by laws to protect the Legacy facility and business for the protection of each owner / member, to insure no one can negatively affect the property, operation, or any aspect of the premises. This includes but not limited to, any placement of a lien or 3rd party debt on the property. By this legal structure, every member can be assured his vault will always be there for years on end with complete security and untouched by any 3rd party person for any reason. The Legacy property is not a leased facility and cannot for any reason be subordinated to any 3rd party or allow any installed debt on such facility. A true difference in the safe deposit box industry.

Many owners register a family member or trusted 3rd party with Legacy. It is your decision and you can register one other person if you wish.

If you legally appoint a trustee to oversee assets placed in trust before you die, that individual also could have access your box upon your death.
A private executor or 3rd party must be on record with us that you designated to handle your estate after you die would get access to your condo box; Your PAB is also free of probate in Panama as this is a private contract you created and not registered anywhere, nor required.

A PAB is kept within the Legacy security vault accessed only by appointed/registered PAB owner. The PAB owner passes multiple layers of security by using a combination of biometric registration technology with a personal identification number (PIN) and unique keys. Two keys come with each box – both are handed over to the box owner upon signing the contract and registering those authorized to have keys and enter our facility.

Legacy prides itself with a multi prong security protocol system, both inside and outside of our facility. We use a proprietary security protocol system known in the industry as “secure/sure”; Secure/sure is a multi-tiered system of both camera technology, motion detection, biometrics, hidden sensors, self-activation dropbacks along with 24 hour manned armed security to insure the secure/sure system is always operational. Obviously for security reasons we cannot elaborate exactly how it works, but we can assure you, every measure has been taken to protect our facility and our location in this gated community along with our physical location of terrain which is not by accident.

We also incorporate “The Maze”, this is a computerized scrambled system of PAB box locations. Our PAB’s are not located numerically within Legacy. Should any unwanted 3rd party ever wish to attempt for any reason to break into one of our PAB’s we wish the them the best of luck. The Maze is a coordinated confusion system of box locations which makes it impossible for any 3rd party to know where a box is located in the short 15 minute period of time a member can spend in the Legacy vault before it closes automatically.

No, there are only two keys to each box, both of which are handed over to the PAB holder upon signing the sales contract. Therefore, we cannot access any box until your box is sold or reassigned by you.

When you sign the box sales /rental agreement and pay for your box, you will be issued with an access card that is linked your account. If you lose or misplace this card, you will need to visit Legacy in person for reissuance; Again, the privacy and security of our members always comes first. Losing either one or both of your keys will result in the box being drilled to allow access for new key drum installation. There is also a cost as new locks need to be purchased and fitted to the drilled box. Box drillings are carried out by an independent locksmith and witnessed by two persons. The assigned PAB holder is liable for any such costs

Yes. It is possible to appoint a secondary member and at Legacy we encourage it since your PAB is for your heirs as well. Please note that we cannot offer access agreements to anyone under 18 years of age.

We offer clients standard business hours as we will list and can be altered from time to time. Legacy will be open 6 days per week (except listed holidays), so you can access your box at any time during these hours. A Legacy staff member is always there to help you. Private off hour appointmets can be arranged with proper notice and a fee to do so.

Every individual will define what they consider their valuable possessions to be in a different way, for some people value will depend on the monetary cost of an object, for others it can be a priceless family heirloom that holds sentimental value. Below is a list of the typical type of objects stored in a standard safe deposit box: Property documents, shareholder agreements, private agreements, accounting records, home records, Passports, currency valuations, Jewelry, Art, Computer back up discs, Data Storage, Important investment items, paperwork such as share and bond certificates, Insurance documents, Collections such as stamps, coins, antiques, Professional Qualification Credentials, Wills, Birth Certificates, Property Deeds, Military Medals, Important keys, Marriage Certificates, Wedding Video, Family Photographs, Memorabilia, Partnership Documents, etc. It is your business what you store and we respect member privacy as long as it is nothing outlined in your Legacy agreement considered illegal.

Legacy carries the standard building, content, liability, and other important coverage insurance for the benefit of all of our members. We also offer content box insurance by a private internal trust of members who offer up to $20.000.00 (usd) requests on an individual basis, a member can purchase this insurance with us and or make an arrangement with your own carrier. This should be discussed in private with a Legacy staff member.

There are so many advantages of why you want to be a legacy Owner / Member. The word “Owner” is a priority. You Own your investment. We recently spoke to a local home owner from Canada who told us he added up all of his fees in renting a safe deposit box over the past 35 years and he said it came to over $20,000.00 usd. This alone makes being an owner of a Legacy PAB box worth the investment. Please review in detail the “Pros Cons” for a complete perspective and you will clearly see how smart the decision is to be a member with us.

Yes, this is one of the true advantages of a PAB. You are investing in not only an important facility to store your most important life documents. Like any real estate, you have the right to transfer your PAB any time you wish.

Yes, like any real estate, you are purchasing a long term asset that gives our members / shareholders the right to generate income. You can purchase as many boxes as you wish and put together your own rental / leasing program to turn your investment into a rental income for yourself or your family. Legacy has many professional groups around Panama and other parts of the world inquiring to purchase blocks of PAB boxes at a discount from us and reselling them and or leasing them to their clients. Inquire with us.

Yes, Make an appointment with your Legacy staff and review our finance options.

We employ strict privacy protocols for any employee and or staff associated with our member base to insure all members privacy is 100% protected. Each associate staff member or employee must sign a strict confidentiality agreement with us to insure they are obligated to the protection of our member privacy in every respect. Each staff member for insurance purposes must also provide police clearance and or world check authorization to insure they have no criminal background history before they could be part of our Legacy team.

We choose this specific location because of the uniqueness of it from a security perspective in many ways, such as only one way in and one way out of Valle Escondido and essentially only 1 main artery road to Boquete. The layers of security for the protection of the Legacy facility is so unique and needless to say away from big city crime and or heavy traffic type locations in big cities such as Panama City or other larger city locations which only offer hindrances for anyone looking to invest and or store their belongings in places with large volume of people which only add to security risk.

A private home is always a target for many reasons for robberies and break ins; The advantages of being a Legacy member guarantees 24 / 7 around the clock armed security with multiple camera checkpoints and essentially the impossible penetration into the Legacy vault. It is never wise to store and or hide such valuables in a home and or home property location especially as we get older and tend to have memory lapses of where we store such items.

Anything in life is possible, but the specifications of the Legacy facility and vault are second to none anywhere in the world. We will not divulge all of the many security enhancements built into the Legacy facility and security system, but we can tell you with our Class ll vault, it is known to take anyone at least 2 hours to even remotely penetrate it for entrance. Our security protocol and the many many protection enhancements put in place by our security team make it a virtual fortress of privacy and protection on so many levels.

We are composing and developing some of the most unique membership programs anywhere in the world. For one, all members will receive a membership card that will entitle you and your guests to wonderful discounts at the Valle Escondidio Resort ( if already a member, this membership will also have some exclusive offers) You will see an independent service known as VAAS located in our administrative area. VAAS will soon be offering many different health and wealth seminars for all Legacy members to attend at a fraction of its costs and all Legacy members will be included to receive valuable informative reports that you will never see or read on the conventional main stream media outlets on real health and or wealth. Legacy is also developing one of the most unique vacation clubs in the world. This alone will pay for your PAB box over just a few short years. Stay tuned for so much more to come in the coming months.