Legacy Security

Legacy: Security Protocol overview

How Secure Is Our Facility?

Unlike banks and other financial institutions Legacy is a privately held and operated facility and is not bound by the same regulation framework necessary within the banking industry. This allows us to offer unrivaled tailored security with a strong sense of peace of mind that only Legacy can offer. Our facility is not leased nor can it ever be leased to a 3rd party, it is owned outright and is designed to counter any 3rd party risk or associated debt.

The security measures, procedures and protocols are designed by security specialists; creating a level of professionalism and security that surpasses banking institution facilities and provides clients with the ultimate in secure storage.

The Legacy facility is located inside one of the most secure gated communities in all of Latin America. This location can only be accessed via one road where vehicles must stop a full time staffed armed security checkpoint. The vault is surrounded by steep hillsides, into which our subterranean highly secure vault was built. By following engineering specifications and construction methods that exceed the US Army Corps of Engineer’s requirements for a “Class A Top Secret vault” and combining the structure with a Class II vault door we have created one of the most secure vaults in the whole of the Americas.

The Legacy VSI vault door has a dual combination lock requiring two separate individuals to enter a total of 9 different combinations each to open the vault. No single individuals have access to both sets of combinations. The Vault door is on a time lock during non-business hours where no individual can open the vault until the next business morning. This protocol alone offers unmatched security in most places around the world.

The vault is constructed with zero combustible materials, coated with fire protective paint, contains heat sensors alarms and has CO2 individual fire suppression devices. Prior to accessing the vault an individual must gain access through 2 additional secure passage-ways each protected with steel doors before entering a contained security corridor and thereafter into the concrete reinforced stairwell leading down into the subterranean vault.

Upon arrival and being granted access through the bullet-proof main door of the facility an individual is ‘locked in’ and unable to gain further access whilst the security officer (who is behind a Level 3 ballistic bullet proof window) goes through the process of confirming identity and scans for illegal substances and weapons using state-of-the-art technologies.

The visitor must successfully navigate the process of personal identification which includes biometric scanners, customer code entry and digital photo recognition. Once positively matched, a digital image on the security officer’s computer screen allows the confirmation of the individual, whom may then pass through our metal detector whilst any personal items are X-ray scanned by a baggage scanner. The security officer then can grant access through the second steel security door. Individuals must be accompanied by Legacy security who must further provide biometric entry in order to unlock an additional steel security door allowing access to the secure stairwell.

The secure zones of the facility are on separate security alarm zones. The entire facility, inside and out (other than personal private areas that include the bathroom, personal viewing room, conference room, and private offices) are fully monitored by strategically placed High Definition Infrared security cameras with monitors in the security office as well as an offsite location.

Legacy is applying its proprietary designed security safety box system called “Maze”, one of the newest features in Private vault systems. “Maze” encompasses a computerized PAB identification system that makes it virtually impossible for an individual without prior knowledge of the location of a specific box to locate it quickly. A security features not available in any other vaulting facility worldwide.

Legacy engages the services of the BCS security services, a licensed premier security provider in many fields of expertise, who not only provides the properly trained and armed security officer in the facility, but additionally independently monitors the vault and premises 24/7, while providing regular armed patrols as well as rapid response security personnel with the ability to arrive within 2 minutes of any type of alarm.

Our security measures, procedures, protocols and customer service surpass that of existing banking and vaulting facilities, providing you with the ultimate in security and protecting your valuables to the highest standard available anywhere in the world.

Legacy has invested significantly in electronic and physical security measures.
These include:

  • Motion Sensors
  • Passive Infra-red Sensors
  • 24/7 video surveillance complete internal and external of facility and perimeters
  • 24 /7 armed guard protection
  • Hi tech X ray at entrance to insure no weapons or explosives can enter facility
  • Modern Body Scanner
  • 2 ton UL listed composite barrier vault door
  • Bulletproof Security Headquarter Entrance
  • Biometric hand-scanning
  • Digital photo recognition
  • Individual pin-codes
  • Security Center Electronic Security provide multiple monitoring and mobile response for the entire facility at the main entrance of community

Our facility security hardware, software and protocols make Legacy truly one of the most secure vault facilities in the world!