Our facility is built to last for generations and centered on the utmost in privacy, security, protection and ownership. At Legacy, we provide a service where our facility is not exposed to any 3rd party Risk to those who do business with us. Each client is a 100% independent member of the Vault Owner Association. Our facility and corporate bylaws prevent the facility and or property from being exposed to any debts or liability exposures for our shareholders; a first in the industry.

Our unique features include:

  • The only Vault of its design anywhere in the world, designed to Military Grade specifications and built underground within a mountain in a safe off-shore jurisdiction.
  • The only Vault that offers complete ownership of the actual safety boxes as property under Panama law.
  • Caters for individual safety deposit boxes, climate controlled space, corporate data back-up, BlockChain hard storage and Category 5 storage for ultra valuable assets.
  • 24/7 armed security, private restricted access to location, highest security protocols.
  • Individual tailored insurance.
  • Private appointment access available.